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The Pioneers and Instructors

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Apostle/Dr. Leon R. Gooden, Jr., and Executive Pastor/Dr. Jennifer D. Gooden are Forerunners for GOD, a powerful, as well as dynamic team in ministry. The two of them have been in ministry for well over 20 years and are a power force to be reckoned with. The two served their country in the United States Army, Apostle a retired active duty combat veteran of 21 years, and Executive Pastor having served 14 years active duty and 3 years Army Reserves. They were mighty warriors for their country and now, they are mighty Warriors in God's  Army, the Army of the Lord. They are true visionaries that are on a fiery mission from God. A power couple that understands their mandate from God.


They are the Pastors and Pioneers of Kingdom Builders Christian Ministries, Int'l located in the beautiful city of Pensacola, Florida. God blessed this union some 26 years ago through the institution of marriage ordaining their spirit, soul and body to intertwine and become one in Him.  They have three blessed children and  four beautiful grandchildren. The two of them truly have the heart of God for His people and desires to see God's people learn and grow in their God-given talents, gifts and callings. The mandate upon the both of them is a weighty one that includes a kingdom mind-set to build, equip, send, train, encourage, uplift and edify the body of Christ through teaching and preparing those who will take advantage of what God has placed inside of them to advance His Kingdom. 

This ministry team has been taught and trained by the Holy Spirit in the supernatural and are multi-faceted in ministry. They are not novices to ministry or the things of God. They are educated both spiritually and naturally. They have attended college and are graduates from college having earned their Associate, as well as Bachelor degrees from secular colleges as well as schools of ministry.  They both have achieved their Honorary Doctor of Divinity degrees.

Apostle & Pastor operates and flows in the manifestation of the Spiritual gifts found in 1 Corinthians 12:8 -10. Apostle/Dr. Gooden is also a true Prophet of God with many documented prophetic Words having come to past and Executive Pastor/Dr. Gooden has a strong prophetic Seers anointing that rests heavily upon her life. The two are indeed a favored team that has been ordained by God to flow and minister to the people of God, changing the lives of so many people that have circulated in and through their ministry.  

A ministry couple called, commissioned and carved out by God to raise up, train, equip and prepare His people for His return.  


Kingdom Training Center was in the belly of these dynamic duos since the founding of the their church in 2010. The actual birthing of the first classes will take place in January 2020. Apostle and Pastor Gooden are the current instructors for each class that will be offered. They will raise up qualified teachers that will go through extensive training to insure every criteria is met prior to entering the classroom to instruct the students.

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